Hiking the Antonovich Trail in San Dimas, CA

Antonovich Trail in San Dimas was a fun hike with the kids. A lot of shade, a nice stream, things to look at. Plenty of little spots to explore and teach the kids about.

Antonovich Trail visiting info



  • 102 S San Dimas Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773
    • We recommend driving towards Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation (1100 S Valley Center Ave) for better parking.

Phone number

  • N/A


  • Daylight Hours


  • Free

Antonovich Trail Parking

  • Free. Drive towards the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation on Valley Center Ave and on the right you will see a sign to park at the trail.
Antonovich Trail Parking

Random Tips from our visit

What we observed:

  • Antonovich Trail Parking is really limited at the top of the trail.  We recommend parking near the Buddist Center is mentioned above.
  • The area has lots of poison ivy. It’s best to stay on the path. 
  • The trail runs parallel to the creek and there are quite a few streams to cross. Bring shoes that you are willing to get wet in and a hiking stick to keep your balance. 
  • The path is well shaded. 
  • Dogs and horses also walk the trails. 
  • The creek is not the clearest of waters. 
  • With all the no parking signage in the residential area, we imagine that this trail is very busy on the weekends and would recommend visiting it during the weekday.


  • A beautiful scenic trail 
  • Nice place to relax and enjoy mother nature
  • Hike to the falls (we didn’t do this on our visit, but plan to go back to see it)
  • Swing on the ropes

Time spent:

  • 1 hour 15 mins

Stroller/Wagon friendly:

  • No


  • No.

Covid-19 Precautions?

We went on a weekday and there weren’t many people. Half of the visitors wore their masks but we were able to keep a safe distance from them. Be aware of the poison ivy if you step off the path to social distance.

Antonovich Trail with kids

Should you go?

Antonovich Trail is a nice easy trail to bring younger kids on.  The water in the stream and the abundance of shade really make the trail a memorable one.  Also, we would like to stress that Antonovich Trail Parking near the Buddhist center is a lot safer for families with younger kids.  Instead of having to park on the side of a busy street the parking lot down by the center is nice and out of the way.

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If you have any suggests on where we should go next please let us know in the comments below!

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