Seasonal Apple Picking in Oak Glen, CA

Oak Glen, CA, can be summed up as an apple-picking town where every parent is yelling out, “Don’t touch that!” Still, Apple picking Oak Glen is a great day trip for any LA and Orange County families looking to do something fun with the kids. While the town is known for its Apple picking, you can “in theory” pick a variety of different fruit at different times of the year.

This was our first year visiting Oak Glen, and we went twice. We initially went up to explore the area and picked raspberries. Our daughter loved the experience, so we drove up a couple weeks later to pick apples as well.

You may be concerned with the long drive, but it’s easy. Once you’re eastbound on the 10 freeway exit Oak Glen and drive towards the mountains until you get into Oak Glen.


Places we visited


apple picking oak glen snowline


39400 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399



909 – 256 -0405

Our first stop was Snowline for their famous apple cinnamon donuts. We had them fresh, and they were terrific. The cider float is good too!

Right outside the store, you’ll even see Oak Glen’s Insta famous “Whitewall with green plants.”  It’s a beautiful spot to take a family picture. Look, we’ve also done it. It’s a cute photo! What you can’t see is that the wall lines the only exit for cars to leave Snowline. This creates a slightly dangerous situation for little children and vehicles.

Up past the wall is a thick raspberry patch that we were able to pick some delicious fruit from. While the price per basket was high, the raspberries were tasty. Beware of the abundance of bees and random sections of mud. While it’s not a big enough issue to stop you from enjoying yourself, you have to be cautious.


Riley’s Farm


12261 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399



909 – 797-7534

Walking through Riley’s Farm didn’t even feel like we were in California. The large farm has plenty to explore, and we ended up picking Apple at a u-pick orchard a short walk away from the main area.  

We’re the apple’s even good?

The Apples were alright. We tend to like the kool-aid tasting Opal Apples, so we’re slightly biased. Still, the apples are quite expensive for the price you pay for them. You have to remind yourself that you’re there for the experience, not a good deal on Apples.

Learning that Riley’s Farm also offers fruit picking for a variety of other fruit, we’ll probably return sometime next year when some different fruit is in season.

Role-playing colonists

We definitely weren’t aware of the role-playing aspects of Riley’s Farm. Right, when you walk into the main square period, actors in full costume are littered throughout the farm. Showing how Americans original colonists survived the 1700’s? From Churning butter to smelting musket balls, you and the kids to learn as much or as little as you want.


Los Rios Rancho


39611 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399



909 – 797-1005

Los Rios Rancho is another big farm in the Oak Glen area. While we’re weren’t able to see it in person. A little research shows that the farm does host some of the most significant community events throughout the year. Such as the apple butter festival at the end of November.

We wanted to visit the apple butter festival this year, but it actually snowed that weekend, and we didn’t want to freeze with the two little ones.


Oak Tree Mountain


38480 Oak Glen Road Oak Glen, California 92399



909 – 797-2311

In addition to the big farms, are a couple of shopping areas where you can sit down to eat, drink, and be merry. Oak Tree Mountain is one of the biggest.  Walking the thoroughfare you can browse through the shops, visit a petting zoo, or even launch some axes.  

While we didn’t stay long, our daughter enjoyed the petting zoo animals. 

Why did we enjoy our visit to Oak Glen?

The change in scenery is refreshing. Surrounded by towering trees, Oak Glen doesn’t feel like it’s even in Southern California. It’s a welcome change of pace that allowed us to slow down and really enjoy our time as a family.

Should you go?

Do you have small kids? Yes, go the entire town seems to be tailor-made for families with young ones to come out and explore. From Apple picking to Petting Zoo’s Oak Glen is litters with activities to experience with the kids.

Single looking for a new place to drink? No, it’s not for you. You’ll probably see it exactly like similar locations are depicted in this hilarious and skit from SNL poking fun and rural Apple Picking communities.

Although, you could try some fresh “hard” cider and throw around an ax or two.


Oak Glen has a lot of unique places to visit in and around the city.  Greenspot Farms is a short drive away.  Greenspot’s family run farm runs a great pumpkin patch, and has a cut your own Christmas Tree Farm!

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