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Okay. The LitRPG (literature role-playing game) genre has got its claws in me right now. Before discovering The Land, I had no idea this nerdy genre existed. It’s a safe bet that I will be added more LitRPG style books to my library in the coming months.  I’ve been spending a significant portion of my time on another project at the moment, so I wasn’t able to listen to as many books as I usually do.  Nevertheless, here are my Audiobook Reviews May 2018.

As a reminder, Please note that I’m been as vague as possible with my summaries to prevent any spoilers.

Audiobook Of The Month

Ascend Online: Book One

I enjoyed Ascend Online written by Luke Chmilenko. Set in the overpopulated future, Marcus and his friends are some of the first people to play a revolutionary new video game called Ascend Online. Promising an experience, unlike they’ve ever played before they are wowed by just how real the game feels and the experiences they share while logged in.

It’s a light-hearted read so don’t expect Ascend Online to be a transformative story that’ll make you ponder the meaning of life.

Ascend Online is also very similar to The Land series I’m currently addicted too. The only real difference being that the main character in Ascend Online can play the game with his friends online.

Together they work to protect a little village inside the game from different NPC enemies and real-world adventures like themselves.

I think anyone that’s played a role-playing game would enjoy listening to Ascend Online

Rating: 4/5

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May’s Audiobook Haul

I picked up 4 new audiobooks in May. A few of these have been on my wishlist for quite some time, so when I finally saw them on sale I snapped them up.

  • Under the Dome: A Novel
  • Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders
  • Ascend Online: Ascend Online, Book 1
  • 1Q84

Completed Audiobooks

In addition to Ascend Online, I listened to 3 other books in May.

Tier One

Written by Brian Andrews and Jeffery Wilson, Tier One is a fictional story about one of America’s most elite soldiers, Jack Kemper.  Kemper is a Navy Seal who has been fighting the war on terror for over 20 years. An unexpected attack on his group propels him to greater heights that has him leading a group tasked to uncover those responsible for the attack.

It was a quick listen.  At its core, Tier One is a story of revenge.  With a plot that draws a deep line in the sand that screams America is good, Iran is bad.  I understand it’s for the story but I worry that branding an entire country’s people as one thing creates a prejudice that makes things harder in the real world.

So yeah, quick recap.  Elite soldier. Attack. Uncover plot. Revenge. Resolution. Oh, wait! new mission? To be Continued.

Rating: 2.5/5

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Abbadon’s Gate

Abbadon’s Gate is the third book in the Expanse series written by James S. A. Coray and my favorite so far.  I had actually written the series off after the second book, but I already had this in my backlog so I gave it a listen.  I’m glad I did because it was a fun ride.

The story again follows James Holden and his the crew of the Rosenuate as they are pulled back into the mess with an ancient alien mechanism that tried to wipe out their world.

It’s a story that revolves around the sudden creation of an alien structure in the outer reaches of the solar system.  Needing more information about the structure all the warring factions of the human race are forced to converge on the object. Only to be met with even more questions on arrival. 

Mixed into the main plot is a healthy mix of subplots that provide all the revenge and betrayal you’ll need to keep you on your toes.

If you’re a fan of the Expanse books you’ll be happy to know that Abbadons Gate is a strong addition to the series.  One that makes me excited to continue on in a series I had pretty much given up on.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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The Wild Inside: A Novel of Suspense

The Wild inside written by Christina Curbo follows Teddy, an investigator for the FBI that is trying to get to the bottom of a murder inside the Glacier National Forest. The case also forces him to come to terms with the demons in his past.

To story crawls along at a slow pace. It seems like Teddy spends most of the story and his fictional life inside his head reliving the tragic night he lost his father. The trama effects everything Teddy’s done since, even the relationships with the people around him.

After what feels like an eternity, Teddy eventually gets the break he needs to solve the case and moves on.

I struggled a bit to stay interested in the story.  Don’t think I’ll be moving forward to the next installment in the series.

Rating: 2/5

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I Listen To All My Audiobook’s On Audible

New To Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are expensive.  That’s why I use Audible.  For $15 a month I get one credit to use on anything in their library, including any of the audiobooks I mentioned in this post.  In addition to Audible’s memberships prices, they also have great sales where you can get audiobooks for even cheaper.

If you are new to the service, Audible has a deal where you can Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks. I love the service. I used a similar trail when I first started listening, and now my audible library contains over 145 titles!

Need Help Finding More Audiobooks? 

Check out our main Audiobook Recommendations Page.  On there you can view my entire library which is ranked from 1 to 5 stars.  If you haven’t seen last months audiobook reviews you can check them out April 2018

If you end up trying Audible, let me know in the comments below which books you picked.

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