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We’re Kris & Trang, and we often hear the misconception that traveling is too hard or people don’t know where to start when it comes to planning a trip.  To help with those issues we created Califoreigners as a space where we could share our love for travel and write down everything we’ve learned in over ten years of traveling.  

We are California based travel bloggers using our background in videography to inspire others to travel.  In addition to the videos we love to create, we want to provide our visitors with practical city guides and itineraries from the cities we’ve visited.  

Traveling is a real passion for us and part of who we are as a couple. We’ve been traveling together since 2008. We got engaged abroad, married abroad, even announced our first baby abroad. Now that the baby is here, we’re excited to continue our travels as a family and to share our experience along the way!

California based travel bloggers
Kris and Trang


I stumbled upon the word Califoreigner on my first trip to the Philippines back in 2008. An older lady came up and asked me, “Where are you from?” I asked her to guess, and she said in broken English, “You look like Califoreigner!” I laughed thinking she had butchered the word Californian, but I liked her version more.

In a way, Califoreigners fits. When we travel, we stick out like a sore thumb.  They would always know that we were Americans.  Equally impressive is that most locals always guess we’re Californian and we think that’s great! We love California, and consider ourselves lucky to live here.  So when it came down to what we should name our blog, I instantly remembered Califoreigners. I couldn’t believe how well it went with what we wanted to do with this site.  Being a California based travel bloggers, we decided to go with it.

Why start a Travel Blog now?

california based travel bloggers 2
Railay Beach, Thailand | Photo: Mimi Nguyen

In January 2016, we learned that we were pregnant with our first child. With international travels on hold, we decided to use the time to launch our blog. A blog where we could share what we’ve learned over the last eight years. From the planning of a trip to planning how to get around a city.

Where We’ve Traveled

Where we
Where we've traveled

As California based travel bloggers, we want to do more

Being Californians who travel abroad, we haven’t forgotten the fact that we live in such an amazing state.  California is full of famous landmarks, natural wonders, and great food.  With the recent birth of our daughter, we aren’t able to travel abroad for at least another year.  In that timeframe, our plan is to hop in a car and explore all over California. We plan to provide the same kind of videos that we’ll be doing for our trips abroad!

With the same focus on building great content around California, it makes the name Califoreigners even more meaningful.  A word that encompasses everything we are.



“I made us a blog!”



I can’t speak.  I’m a dog.

Sidenote: He’s way more popular than us.  He was on a blog that wasn’t ours 🙂



“You made us a travel blog?