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world's longest pizza 2017 fontana

World’s Longest Pizza 2017

We visited the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana to watch some pizza making. It was 6,333.30 feet of continuous pizza to be exact. An official record certified by the genius book of...

visiting catalina island

Visiting Catalina Island

Visiting Catalina Island gives LA and OC residents a unique chance to unwind. Just 27 miles off the coast. Catalina has something for everyone.

best ramen in orange county

Best Ramen in Orange County

Ramen has a special place in my heart. Over the years we've eaten at almost all the ramen houses in the OC. We consider these two spots, the best ramen in Orange...

best ramen in la

Best Ramen in LA

Ramen has a special place in my heart. I love it. From instant to restaurant quality, it's all good to me. We consider these three spots, the best ramen in LA