Denmark Video Diary: A Cinematic Travel Video Of Copenhagen and Hillerod

Why We Picked Denmark

Our Denmark Video Diary celebrates Kairi’s first international trip!  We picked Denmark for a few reasons,

  • English is common
  • Safer than most countries
  • Zika Free
  • Modern Transportation System

After looking for deals and researching the cities, we confidently choose Copenhagen.  The European city is Zika free ( just in case we were thinking about baby number two ) and it offers an excellent city pass that let us to leave Kairi’s car seat at home.

Before our trip to Denmark, we didn’t know much about the Scandinavian country.  We had heard that most Danes were fluent in English and that was good enough for us. In fact, communication was never a problem during our visit. Danes in general were very friendly and open to conversation. Just stay out of the bike paths. They get moving pretty quick, so beware!

Video Details

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Our Experience In Denmark

Nyhavn denmark video diary

We spent three days in Denmark.  Mostly in Copenhagen but we also ventured out to Hillerod to visit Frederiksborg Slot.  Three days was more than enough time to experience Copenhagen and the surrounding countryside.  Playing it safe we stuck to the main attractions.  Visited spots like; Amalienborg, Rundetaarn, Rosenborg castle.  Rosenborg Castle even let me bring my camera inside to film.  Which is something I’m definitely not used to.

It was also refreshing to get away from the city center to search for the Forgotten Giants.  It’s too bad we didn’t have the time to find more of the wooden giants because the scavenger hunt was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, Not everything went according to plan.  Tivoli Garden was closed for the week, and the Little Mermaid statue was a tourist trap.

Filming In Denmark

Frederiksborg Castle denmark video diary

For this trip, we significantly lighten our load a shot with the DJI OSMO (read our review of it HERE).  The gimbal allowed us to stay mobile without having to lug around a ton of stuff.  While we were able to capture a lot of great shots it came at a cost in regards to shot size and variety.

After watching the video, you may notice the footage quickly flows from one landmark to another.  Wide shot after wide shot. On previous trips, I would get the wide establishing shots, while Trang would capture our interactions with medium to close shots.   This time around Trang could hardly touch the camera.  As she focused on Kairi the lack of shot variety made a huge difference.  Sure, we had a great time but we weren’t able to capture it, and it made the video feel impersonal.

Moving forward I’ve got do better at shooting a variety of shots.  I was surprised how quickly I devolved into, “Shoot whatever I can get!” when Kairi was with us.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a happy middle ground on future trips.

Our New Gear

This trip was also the first time I got to use my DJI Mavic Pro out of the country. Registering it for Denmark wasn’t hard.  Costing about five dollars, I filled out the required information and was able to fly it legally.

Although, it was difficult to find places to fly.  Many of Copenhagen’s landmarks are government buildings or are located next to government buildings that you can’t fly near. When I was able to find a spot, I would fly the drone straight up and no further than 30 meters from my location. The shots came out beautiful, but I couldn’t get a decent composition of any famous landmarks.

We Enjoyed Copenhagen

forgotten giants denmark video diary

Besides the gloomy weather, the three days in and around Copenhagen went off without a hitch.  The country’s transit system made it easy for us to get anywhere even with our daughter’s sizeable mobile home (stroller).  Denmark proved to be an excellent destination for our family. We only wish we could have seen the rest of the country.

Further Reading On Denmark

We do have a handful of other Denmark related posts coming out in the near future. Mainly, a complete 3 Day Copenhagen Itinerary, and 5 Places Everyone Should See In Copenhagen.  Make sure not to miss them by liking our Page on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed our Denmark Video Diary and this little behind the scenes blurb of the trip.  We post new Travel and Capture related articles every week so come back soon.

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Wow, this is so incredible ! Denmark looks like such a gorgeous place to visit, and seeing your video and blog post has made me want to visit there all the more.

Thanks! Hope you can make it out there. It’s a lot different from other capital city’s we’ve visited.

I spent Christmas this past December in Copenhagen. I got engaged at the Tivoli Gardens, so Denmark will always hold such special memories for me! Side note, I love how many bikes there are in Copenhagen, it was so cool to see.

Congratulations on your engagement 🙂 We really wanted to see Tivoli Gardens but it was closed when we visited. I agree with you about the bikes. Wish more large cities would embrace bicyclists as much as Copenhagen does.

Wow…this looks amazing! Sounds and looks like you made beautiful amazing memories that will last forever. What a wonderful experience!

Thanks! It was a learning experience for sure, but we’re so excited to show our daughter the world 🙂

What a great trip, it looks like you had so much fun! Your reasons for picking Denmark were so relatable.

Thank you! You can never be too safe nowadays. Especially with a little one.

Your video, pictures and detailed experience in Denmark make for the perfect guide for anyone planning on visiting the country!

We’re happy you found it helpful!

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