Greece Vacation Video: Cinematic Travel Video Through Mykonos, Santorini And Athens

Our Last Trip Before Kairi Was Born

Wanting to squeeze in our last trip before Kairi arrived, Trang and I headed to Greece. A trip that our friend Geoff had been requesting for years.  It was incredible, and I did my best to document all the beauty that Greece had to offer in our vacation video.

To do that, I picked up some new gear and even learned a few shooting techniques before we left.  The biggest addition to my camera bag was the DJI OSMO.  I loved the footage that I was able to get from it. With the quality and size, I know I will be packing the OSMO for future trips.

If you enjoy the video and want to learn more about our trip, I wrote an in-depth post detailing our 8 day Greece Itinerary

Greece was a bit more expensive than we would have liked.  Regardless, we were really happy that we got to experience the Greek Islands before our baby came.  Since this was our last trip as a family of three (me, Trang and Toffer), we decided to splurge. The extra money spent on nicer hotels improved the quality of our trip.  Our Greece vacation was a perfect mix of relaxation and exploration.

Video Details

Filmed with:

  • Nikon D810/D750

Music by:

  • Music: Alan Walker – Faded (Dino Roc Remix) [No Copyright Music]
  • Created by: Dino Doc


greece vacation

Mykonos was the first stop on our three region Greece trip.  We wanted to start off with the most laid back island to help us adjust with the jet lag. Two days in Mykonos was more than enough to see everything without feeling rushed.  Most of the popular spots were all within walking distance. We were surprised that we were able to complete the list of things we wanted to see by noon of day 1.

Walking through the town’s small walkways was a perfect place to use the DJI OSMO.  The buttery smooth footage had me giggling in excitement.  I did try shooting some time lapses, but the lack of clouds and people didn’t give me great results.  In the end, I stuck to the OSMO while we explored the town.

The next day we used a car to travel outside of town.  We headed to the Armenistis Lighthouse and got some great shots of the city below.  By then we were more than ready to head off to Santorini.


greece vacation

Have you ever set such high hopes on a place and were disappointed when you finally saw it in person?  I have, and almost 99% of the time the disappointment is real.  Santorini was the exception.  The cliffside views of Fira and Oia are so breathtaking that I never lost my appreciation during our stay.  Any photos or videos you see online won’t do it justice.  I regret it now, but I gave up on shooting a lot of the scenic views because my footage couldn’t compare to what I was seeing.

When I was able to pull my eyes away from the view, we spent the rest of our trip exploring all the ins and outs of the island.  If you have to time, rent a car and see places like Ammoudi Bay, Oia, and Mount Profitis.  I even tried hyper-lapsing for the first time in Oia.  With having no practice in hyper lapsing, I was blown away with how well the shot came out.  The success gave me the itch to explore more of the technique.

I never expected Santorini to be one of my favorite places, but it is.  Whatever your skill level is, you’ll have a blast filming all parts of the island.  My only regret is not having a drone with me during the trip.  Hopefully, on our next adventure, we can capture some great shots with a DJI Mavic.


greece vacation

From Santorini, we ventured to Athens for the historical part of our Greece trip.  With only one full day in Athens, our only real goal was to see the Parthenon.

After settling in, I got this overwhelming sense that we planned this trip out of order.  Going from a place as gorgeous as Santorini you lose a lot of the afterglow once you arrive in Athens.  To be fair, our hotel location was a little outside of the touristy area. But even wandering around the other parts of the city, Athens still had the most graffiti and tagging we have ever seen.

Once you arrive at the Acropolis, you soon forget about the grit of the city below.  It was fun to film the small details, see the heritage sites and get lost in the world of Ancient Greece.  

The Acropolis and its surrounding areas are restricted.  So we opted to buy the multi-site ticket.  That ticket gave us access to all the little historical sites around the Acropolis.

Usually, we would only see the main attraction but with access comes curiosity. We explored most of the ancient monuments and filmed along the way. I’m glad we took the time to see other sites because the additional footage did end up making it into our video.

Highlights From Our Greece Vacation

  • Cliff jumping near Ammoudi Bay
  • Buildings and paths of Oia
  • Morning Breakfast Fira
  • A smiling donkey
  • Walking around Mykonos Town
  • The Pantheon

In Conclusion

greece trip beautiful sites

The Greece vacation as a whole exceeded my expectations; I left with the desire to come back and see more of the country.  Not only because of the great sites but also the thoughtful locals we’ve met along the way.  They treated us with genuine kindness.

Like Our Greece Vacation Video?

Want to learn more about our trip?  You can read all about it in our Greece Itinerary. We will have a handful of future posts that we’re planning to create from this trip as well.  If you want more details about places we visited or any questions you may have, please drop a comment below.  You can check out our latest travel-related posts on our Travel Page.

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I want to visit Greece so bad! This looks like you had a blast! I love that you divide parts of your trips in to “purposes.” Like the “laid-back” part of the trip, or the “historical” part of the trip.

I can’t wait to visit Greece one day! It’s such an ethereal country, with so many beautiful places to see, and what seems like such a beautiful, deeply engrained culture.

Your trip sounded fantastic. I’m looking forward to visiting Greece one day

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its so rich in culture and history. Going to Greece would be perfect for the last vacation before baby.

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