Visiting Greenspot Farms Christmas Tree Farm

We loved our previous visit to Greenspot Farms so much that we came back to experience their Christmas Tree Farm and their holiday decorations. With thanksgiving in our rearview mirror, we’re really looking forward to having a happy holiday season as a family. Having learned about Greenspot Farms Christmas tree farm on our last visit, we decided to check out the farm on opening night. Located in Mentone, CA, the farm is pretty far off the beaten path. While we wouldn’t expect someone from LA driving that far for a Christmas tree, it’s an excellent experience for anyone within the Inland Empire. Greenspot Farms overall festive holiday atmosphere made the trip worth it for us.

About Greenspot Farm

greenspot farms christmas tree farm

Greenspot is a family-owned and operated farm that has been entertaining families for years. From their pumpkin patch to its Christmas tree farm, their seasonal events are a big hit

Beginning December 1st through the 23rd, Greenspot Farms Holiday activities take place every evening from 5 pm to 8 pm. So you’ll have the entire month leading up to Christmas to pick up a Christmas tree and take part in a handful of other holiday activities. Normal Farm hours start at 9am (please call ahead to confirm)

We recommend coming around 4pm so you can have enough light to find your tree.


Greenspot Farms
10133 Ward Way
Mentone Ca, 92359

Phone Number

(909) 794-7653

No Entrance or Parking fee!!!

Greenspot Farms doesn’t charge you an entrance fee! In fact, if you don’t buy a tree, you can spend your entire time there lounging around with the kiddos and not spend a dime if you’re incredibly cheap. Sure, you’ll have more fun if you bring some cash. Greenspot Farms has a great selection of holiday ornaments for purchase.  From Christmas wreaths to the cutest handmade wooden reindeer. Greenspot’s gift shop has plenty of unique items to add to your holiday horde.

Cut Your own tree at Greenspot Farms Christmas Tree Farm

Cutting down your very own Christmas tree in Southern California is an incredibly rare thing to do. Still, you can do it at Greenspot Farms Christmas Tree Farm! They have trees to cut that range in sizes from tabletop to 16 feet tall, Greenspot Farms grows Cedar, Monterrey Pine, and Redwood Trees. They also offer Fresh Noble (prices start at $95) or Douglas Fir (starting at $50) trees that should arrive in the first week of December.

Walking the Christmas tree farm, it’s easy to see how fun it could be to find your own tree. If your family loves having a real Christmas tree, Greenspot farm might be the holiday tradition you never knew you were missing!

That being said, our family has a fake tree that we reuse every year, sooooo… we were only really there to soak in the holiday cheer. 

Things to do

  • Cut down your own Christmas Tree
  • Meet Santa!
  • Watch a Christmas Themed movie nights
  • Enjoy the Christmas lights around the Farm
  • Say “Hi” to the animals
  • Eat s’ mores, so, many, s’ mores….
  • Christmas Hayride
    • $10 – Adults 
    • $8 – Children 
    • Free – Kids under 3

Other Positive Amenities

  • A fire pit to warm-up
  • Lots of seating
  • Clean flushing bathrooms
  • Free parking
  • Good photo opportunities

Our experience

Having visiting twice now, we really love Greenspot Farms. The place has an unbelievable atmosphere that allows you to unwind and enjoy the season. The second you get out of your car, you can smell the fresh-cut Christmas trees and wood-burning fire pits. The smell snaps you into the holiday mood, and the stress of the city disappears.

It was a little cold, but we dressed appropriately and had a great time. We walked the Christmas Tree Farm, said hi to the animals, and rode the “Christmas Hayride” through the farm as it passed dozens of different Christmas themed decorations.   

Once we were done looking around, we grabbed some seats by the fire pit and cooked up some smores while we drank hot chocolate and warm apple cider. It was nice. Even after the snacks were gone, we stayed to watch the movie “Elf” being shown on the big screen.

Surprisingly, most of the visitors didn’t stay long enough to enjoy the holiday activities spread throughout the farm. Most people were only there picking up trees, so we felt like we had the farm pretty much to ourselves. Only a few other families understood just how rare it is to have such a fantastic place available for us to enjoy for the evening!

Should you go?

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas tree experience, we would recommend trying Greenspot Farms. Cutting your own tree could be a great annual tradition if you love real Christmas trees in your home. BUT, it is a drive. If you’re not looking to spend the time around the farm, enjoying the activities, it’s probably not for you. 

If you’re within 30minutes of the farm, yes. You should definitely visit Greenspot. A random parking Christmas Tree lot can’t give you the memories you’re looking to create with your family when it comes to picking a tree.

Thanks for Reading

We appreciate you reading our post on Greenspot Farms Christmas tree Farm. While we recycled most of the information about Greenspot Farms from our Pumpkin Patch article, we hope it wasn’t too similar. Be sure to check that post out if you’re looking for a fantastic place to get your next year’s Halloween pumpkins!

Also, check out some of our other holiday season posts on the site like the Festival of Lights and the Enchanted: Forest of Light.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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