LA’s Museum of Ice Cream is extending through Oct 16th.


The Museum of Ice Cream is a passion project co-founded by Manish Vora and Maryellis Bunn.  The Pop-up Museum first opened in New York City last summer to great success.  A year later, the pair brought the Museum to LA where it’s been wildly popular. Their love for this sugary treat is evident throughout the art installation.

Visitors go from one themed room to another.  Ten in total.  Sampling three ice creams and sweets as they walk in and out of the vibrant ice cream installations.  


How to get Museum of Ice Cream tickets

The Museum of Ice Cream Pop-up has been extremely successful in its limited run.  Selling out of tickets as fast as they put them up.  In fact, the museum just announced it’s fourth extension to run through October 16th.  Tickets go on sale again this Thursday, June 22nd at 9 am.

Tickets can only be purchased online at

  • $29 for an adult (age 13+). $18 for child (age 3-12) and senior (age 60+). Children under the age of 2 are free.
  • Each person is allowed to purchase up to 6 tickets. You do not need to enter all the names of your guests. Only one visitor’s name needs to match one of the tickets.

Tickets sell quickly so be sure to be on their website right at 9 am. The weekend slots were sold out in the first 30 minutes when we purchased ours.


Address: 2018 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021

An Instagram playground

Every room is popping with color.  With simple props like a swing or a room filled with hanging bananas, you’ll have the perfect backdrop for photos.  

Stepping back and watching the guests, you can see all the Instagram cliques in full effect.  The museum isn’t all that big, so it was fun to watch an Instagrammer dive deep into their bag of tricks to keep their pictures fresh.

Great for all ages

museum of ice cream

Going to the museum with friends was a blast.  You get caught up capturing the moment with all the great photo ops, and then you somehow find yourself dancing for gummy bears.  We had a few kids going through the museum at the same pace of us, and their happiness was infectious.

The only exception I saw was a dad who looked like he was working through community service as his three teenage girls went from room to room.  His pain was in direct contrast to the rest of the visitors who all brandished huge smiles.


In conclusion, we had a great time visiting the Museum of Ice Cream. Our daughter, Kairi (9 months), loved looking at all the colors and people. She was happy to be carried around in the Ergobaby carrier since strollers are not allowed inside the museum.  

If you’ve got kids or an Instagram following, it’s worth a visit.  With the museum in the art district, there are plenty of things you can do.  We visited the Museum of Ice Cream on a Sunday, so we were also able to visit Smorgasbord LA (open on every Sunday 10 am – 4 pm) which was less than a mile away.  Smorgasburg is a giant open air food court full of quality eateries. Therefore, we highly recommend it.

Additionally, If you don’t like the sun check out the Grand Central Market in DTLA.  It’s more of a drive back into the heart of LA, but Grand Central Market has something for everyone.

museum of ice cream
Yes, that is a glob of ice cream sitting on Kairi's head LOL

If you’re interested in Museum of Ice Cream tickets, remember the tickets are going on sale this Thursday, June 22nd.  With tickets only available online they are expected to sell out fast.

Let us know if you were able to tickets in the comments below.

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We finally got tickets (for October ha ha)!

Nice! Happy to hear you got some. They went fast!

A museum of ice-cream, seriously?? That’s gotta be on my list for LA! You should look up a place called Giolitti in Rome, if it’s still exists… I’ve never seen that many ice-cream flavours in one place!

Hi Delphine! I’ll be sure to put Gioliti on my list of places to try in Rome. Whenever we travel abroad I make it my mission to try all the local Ice Creams 🙂 We’re hoping to visit Italy soon.

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