Self Quarantine To Protect Others From Coronavirus

For weeks I’ve been reluctant to write anything about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and self-quarantine. Scrolling through feeds, it seems impossible to draw a firm stance on the issue without being shouted down by friends and family skeptical of the seriousness at hand.  In the end, I worry about my family, and the general push back against a self quarantine is keeping me up at night.

Our stance is that the threat is real. Normal life is grinding to a halt, and still, people within our circle are disregarding the message. It’s either; a hoax, overblown, or they don’t care. Which is tough. We understand that a large percentage of people who contract the Coronavirus (85ish%) will suffer through a few bad days of fever, and that’s it. They won’t die, and they’ll recover fast enough to complain about things being closed. BUT…The real threat is to our “at-risk” family members… our parents, grandparents, diabetic friends, etc. We all have them, and I don’t think any of us would be okay passing the virus to a loved one.

It’s been coming

We’ve kept an eye on the news and watched the Coronavirus spread throughout the world. As a result, our family’s been staying in for the past few weeks. We’ve bought what we need, and we’re prepared. Since then, the outlook has shifted, and I’m in shock by the perceived needs of the public. Don’t worry about toilet paper. Worry about things like kids Tylenol and ibuprofen so you can reduce a fever without having to go to the hospital.

It got real

Still, my alarm bells didn’t go off until Italy was shut down with a fatality rate above seven percent. I’ve had concerns about how a western government would handle the Coronavirus, and the results out of Italy are terrifying. After reading all the first-hand experiences and seeing how fast the country lost control, I feel like COVID-19 is about to hit America hard. Simply because American’s won’t let themselves be locked down.

I say this without malice, but something about being American pushes against being told what to do. If you tell us we can’t do something, you better pull out your phone and hit record because we’re gonna show you how it’s done. I get it, we feel invincible, and it’s hard to care when you’re not at risk. Unfortunately, many of our loved ones don’t share that invincibility, and we can’t afford to pass them a virus their bodies can’t fight.

Protect others through Quarantine

People seem to have forgotten that these numbers have faces, and we can’t write off entire at-risk demographics so callously. So please, do everyone a favor. Follow the protocols and guidelines set out by our local governments and school districts. Have empathy for others and help your family, friends, and neighbors by merely staying in. Families in all corners of the world are needlessly losing loved ones to noncooperation. Help change that by taking steps to stop the spread.

Help Links

Here are some links to more information and resources about COVID-19 and helpful tips below.

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