The Power of the Dog Audiobook Review

power of the dog audiobook review

The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow got me hooked instantly. Whenever I find an exciting audiobook like this, I end up going out of my way to keep listening. As a result, I’m sure my wife would recommend this audiobook as well since she witnessed me happily clean the house without complaint. Having just finished the book I wanted to dive right in for a spoiler free The Power of the Dog Audiobook Review.

To start, I recommend The Power of the Dog audiobook. But I have to warn you; it’s a very adult story. In both sex and violence, Don Winslow’s detailed description of events doesn’t leave much to interpretation. He’s so descriptive that I even blushed a few times listening.

Audiobook Length

20H 13m

Story Synopsis

The Power of the Dog unfolds over the course of three decades. From the mid 70’s to the early 2000’s, Art Keller is on the front lines of America’s war on drugs. Raising from a recruit to a revered member of the DEA. Art’s motivation eventually turns to revenge as he dives down the rabbit hole to take down anyone that has crossed him.

In parallel to Art’s raise, Adán Berrara experiences similar success as he climbs the ranks of the Mexican drug cartels. Going from a simple blue jeans reseller to the eventual patron of his cartel.

The story builds upon drugs, sex, politics, and guns. And you’re kept on your toes due to Don Winslow’s ability to kill off well-developed characters over the course of a few sentences. From start to finish the story barrels towards its climax and concludes with a satisfying ending.

The Characters

The Power of the Dog Audiobook ReviewThe story is full of well-developed characters.  While The Power of the Dog centers around the main characters, Arthur Keller and Adán Barrera, the story’s secondary characters are all capable of carrying the story.  From Nora Hayden to Sean Callan their history and motivations are all there.  The only character in the story that I felt was a little one dimensional was Adán’s brother, Raúl.  He was just one hundred percent unfiltered aggression.

The Narration

Ray Porter’s strong narration brings The Power of the Dog to life. His vocal range and acting skills allow him to vocalize dozens of characters. Having listened to a handful of Ray’s audiobooks, I can confidently say he is one of the best. His range is remarkable. Always providing the right amount of emphasis and emotion to the specific moment.

In Conclusion

The Power of the Dog is 20 hours of thrilling storytelling. A story that hits so close to home I’ve visited many of the locations used in the book. The familiarity shook me. To think that drug trafficking like this happens every day is truly terrifying. Making me wonder what’s going on under the surface of our blissfully unaware bubble.

That being said, The Power of the Dog is worth picking up. Just be sure to wear headphones to protect others from the unadulterated sex and violence scattered throughout the book. If you enjoy the book, Don Winslow wrote a sequel to the book called The Cartel that continues the fight against Mexico’s toughest drug traffickers.

The Power of the Dog Audiobook Review
  • 7.5/10
    Story - 7.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Narration - 9.5/10


Pros: Good story, Strong characters, Great Narration

Cons: Extremely descriptive sex acts.

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Where to buy The Power of the Dog Audiobook

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