Gadgets & Gear for Travel Videography

Gadgets & Gear

As part time Creators,  affordable videography equipment is essential for us to do what we love.  Through the years we’ve gone through so many different Gadgets & Gear on our way to capturing our most memorable moments.

New gear is always tempting us to replace older pieces.  The continuous release of newer, sleeker, products makes it hard to know when to upgrade or if it’s even a big enough jump in tech to justify a change.  We’re always trying out new gear, and it can be hit or miss.  Now that we’ve got this site, we’ll be sure to share our thoughts on the videography equipment we use.  Hopefully, we can provide some useful info to anyone interested in the same piece.

Our staple videography equipment for travel

Here’s what we’re currently using.  These are our staple pieces, the pieces that we try to fit in our camera bag when we head out to travel.

Primary Camera


Secondary Camera

dji osmo

Tripods & Support



zucoto viewfinder

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