Family visit to Wonderspaces San Diego

We drove down to San Diego for a day of fun and relaxation.  In addition to a full day of eating, we had tickets to the Wonderspaces San Diego popup located inside B Street Pier.

About Wonderspaces

Based out of Los Angeles, Wonderspaces works with artists from around the world to showcase their work in a traveling popup.  This summer Wonderspaces is back in San Diego through August 26th.

wonderspaces san diego

Tickets are now available for July and can be purchased at the link below.

Looking For More?

If you’re itching for more information about Wonderspaces San Diego visit their main website.

Event Details


7 Days a week from 10 am to 10:30 pm


Prices range from 24.00 dollars for the average adult to $14.00 for children 12-3. Children under 3 are free.


B Street Pier
1140 N Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101


Paid parking is in abundance.  Downtown San Diego has more than 50,000 parking spots.  So all that matters is how much you want to pay.

  • Metered parking is available on city streets at  $1.25 per hour with a 2-hour limit.
  • You could also park nearby in the USS Midway Museum parking lot for $5 for the first hour of $10 for the day.
  • You can find other parking options near Wonderspaces using the website.  Prices range from $3.50-$30.00 depending on what you choose.

Our Experience

We were there for about two hours, but we took our time.  I think the average person may need about 60-90 minutes inside the exhibit to experience everything.  

wonderspaces san diego

The Art

Like all art, you’ll love some and disregard others.  Wonderspaces has some remarkable installations. Some are thought-provoking, and others are downright fun.  Of the 15ish installations, we enjoyed Squidsoup, Nonotak, and Memo. Our 21-month-old daughter loved the Everyware exhibit.

I think of all the exhibits; the VR experiences were a bit of a letdown.  To be fair, I am a developer for a game studio that leads in VR development, so my quality bar is a bit higher than the average person.  It’s not a humble brag. I’m just familiar with the technology and how to develop for the platform.

wonderspaces san diego

Wonderspaces May Be Coming To Your Area Soon

wonderspaces san diego

After August 26th, Wonderspaces will be packing up and heading out to shows in Phoenix, Austin, and Miami.  If you’re near one of those cities, be sure to check it out!  Wonderspaces is a fun to experience with friends and family.

Tickets still aren’t available for any of the above-mentioned cities but you can sign up to get more info HERE once it’s available.


Wonderspaces San Diego is entertaining for an Instagrammer or photographer.  But it may not be an attractive thing to do for a casual visitor who isn’t into social media or nontraditional art.

Our daughter had a blast, and the staff was very polite.  Coupled with the fact that kids under 3 are free I think Wonderspaces San Diego is a great place to visit with the family.  Just make sure to watch your kids! Would suck if they accidentally damage any of the exhibits.


Looking for some tasty food while you’re in San Diego?  We ate at these three places during our visit and were big fans of them all.

san diego little italy eats
Forgot to get nice photos of the food. Thankfully I had a video of them 🙂

More Popups From Us?

Happy PlaceThese pops ups are quite fun.  Ever since our memorable experiences at Happy Place in LA and the Ice Cream Museum we’ve been making an effort to visit all these Insta-art inspired pop-ups.  Would you guys want to see more of these type of events from us on the blog? Lets us know in the comment below.

The Califoreigners Blog

We’ve been a little quiet on the travel blog the past couple of months as we set up a new sweets/decorating blog for Trang. Once it’s up and running, I promise that much more travel-centric content is on the way!  Until then be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to know when our new posts start making their way into the wild.

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Whoa! This looks really cool. I love non-traditional art and I’ve never heard of Wonderspaces, but it looks like something I will follow, so I can see something new on my trips or at home if they happen to coincide.

I always love new galleries and interesting art exhibits and this looks pretty amazing! Sadly won’t be getting to San Diego any time soon, but I should look into different Wonderspaces displays! 🙂

That looks like a really cool space. Some indoors fun for the family over a hot summer day.


There are so many popup events in the summer. This art installation looks so cool. I hope it heads up to the Bay Area this year.

This looks so fun! I wish I lived in a place that had these popup museums! I would love to go the the ice cream one! I love your dress as well!

I’ve still never been to a pop-up art installation, but I’ve only heard great things about the Ice Cream Museum as well as the touring Yayoi Kusama exhibits!

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