Having a Wrightwood Snow Day in Wightwood, CA

We had a great time in Wrightwood, CA, playing in the snow.  Since It was our girl’s first time experiencing snow, we wanted to find a less busy place for them to play.   Normally that means renting a cabin for some crazy expensive rate or playing in it right off the highway, which can be somewhat dangerous.  We didn’t want to worry about any of that, so we decided to drive up for a Wrightwood Snow Day.

Having had friends who had lived in the town in the past, we knew Wrightwood had many great little spots where we could take the girls to be away from the larger crowds off the highway and still not bother the locals.  As a result, we found a nice dead-end street with a large open space to play in for hours by ourselves!  The girls loved it. We loved it, and it was a perfect day in a not so perfect world.

Wrightwood visiting info



  • Wrightwood, CA


  • Daylight hours


  • Free


  • Free since we parked in a neighborhood but we had our Annual Adventure Pass ($30) just in case we wanted to explore in a National Forest area.
Wrightwood Snow Day Town

Where we went

Open Space to Play

2462 Zermatt Dr
Wrightwood, CA 92397

At the Deadend

Hill for Sledding (Across from Wrightwood sign)

San Bernardino National Forest
3844–5298 Lone Pine Canyon Rd
Wrightwood, CA 92358
United States

Random Tips from our visit

What we observed:

  • We took the back way up (CA-138 to CA-2) and would have not been able to make it up to Wrightwood without cable tire chains.  
  • We don’t recommend driving your electric cars since cold temperatures could sap power from their batteries. 
  • Our phone batteries drained so fast in the cold. We were glad we had our sony camera to document our adventure. 
  • Load up your map before heading to Wrightwood because cell signal is limited.

Time spent:

  • 2 1/2 hours

Stroller/Wagon friendly:

  • No


No restrooms. We used our portable toilet


  • Sledding
  • Build a snowman
  • Snowball fight
  • Snow angles 
  • Have a winter picnic

What we brought:

Covid-19 Precautions?

We went up on a Saturday and felt safe. At our first stop, we had the entire area to ourselves. Our second stop, where we sled, had some people there, but everyone was far enough to social distance. We recommend arriving early to avoid crowds. Lots of cars were coming into town as we were leaving.

Wrightwood Snow

Should you go?

Yeah, it’s a fun activity.  Easily the most fun we’ve had as a family in a long time.

But be safe about it.  Make sure to have chains for your tires when you’re driving in the mountains.  A lot of other vehicles didn’t have chains at all.  Which makes the roads much more dangerous than they need to be.  We went up early before the snowplow had gone through, without chains we would have been stuck on the side of the road waiting for help to arrive.

Things to do nearby

If you are uncomfortable driving into the mountains Consider Lytle Creek.  Snow actually makes it down there from time to time, so check the weather whenever you see snow dropping in the mountains.  The ranger station is less than 5minutes from the 15 freeway.

We travel all over California searching for fun places to take the kids. Be sure to check out some of the other places we’ve visited that are good for kids. Things to do with Kids in Southern California

If you have any suggestions on where we should go next please let us know in the comments below!

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