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Visiting the Cabazon Dinosaurs with kids
Visiting the Cabazon Dinosaurs in Cabazon, CA

For a roadside attraction, the Cabazon Dinosaurs is a must-visit if you’re driving through. Initially opened in 1975 by Claude Bell, the Dinosaurs were initially built to attract travelers to his now-closed restaurant. Still, the dinosaurs were made famous in classic 80’s movies like Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and The Wizard.

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Laos Travel Video
Laos Travel Video

Although our time in Laos was affected by the flu we caught before our visit; we still managed to have a good time in Vientiane. If I had to choose between Vientiane, Bangkok or Hanoi, I’d pick Vientiane every time. We felt welcomed in Laos. From the minute we landed, the Laotians were friendly and helpful.