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Laos Travel Video

Laos Travel Video

Although our time in Laos was affected by the flu we caught before our visit; we still managed to have a good time in Vientiane. If I had to choose between Vientiane, Bangkok or Hanoi,...

Local Events

Local California events we've been too
Visiting Amy's Farm | Califoreigners

Visiting Amy’s Farm in Ontario, CA

We stumbled across Amy's Farm on our search for petting zoo alternatives.  Our daughter Kairi loves animals, and we decided to check it out after a friend’s glowing recommendation.  

wonderspaces san diego

Family visit to Wonderspaces San Diego

We drove down to San Diego for a day of fun and relaxation.  In addition to a full day of eating, we headed south to visit the Wonderspaces San Diego popup exhibit located inside B...


Our favorite food places

Gear Review

Reviews of the equipment we use to shoot
DJI Osmo Review

When it works, the DJI OSMO is like Magic

I recommend the DJI OSMO for recreational shooters and semi-professionals that are looking to bring a whole new dimension to their videos. The OSMO offers some the best image stabilization you can ask for at...


Audiobooks to help with long flights

Audiobook Reviews May 2018

I wasn't able to listen to as many books as I usually do for May. You may notice that the LitRPG genre has got its claws in me right now. So it's a safe bet...

Audiobook Review March 2018

Audiobook Reviews March 2018

Audiobook Reviews March 2018 will go down as another month addicted to The Land. It's only with great sadness and determination that I haven't listened to the entire series yet.

February 2018 Audiobook Reviews

Audiobook Reviews February 2018

February 2018 will go down as the month I only wanted to listen to The Chaos Seeds Series. Thankfully, I didn't. Here's what I listened too in February 2018

January 2018 Audiobook Reviews

Audiobook Reviews January 2018

2017 taught me that I didn't have the time to review all the audiobooks I've completed individually.  So for 2018, I'm going to create a monthly post with a collection of short audiobook reviews and ratings.