Arlington Garden Pasadena
Visiting the Arlington Garden in Pasadena, CA

We’re always on the lookout for unique parks in the greater Los Angeles area.  Arlington Garden in Pasadena is one of those places.  The three-acre garden feels a lot like a mini arboretum that’s broken up into many different plant communities, with each area having its own distinctive feel and atmosphere. Opened in 2005, Arlington promotes well-being and relaxation. 

Lytle Creek River
Exploring Lytle Creek River in Lytle Creek, CA

Lytle Creek was a great activity for our family.  With the pandemic in full swing, we’ve had to try more isolated activities.  While It’s still possible to go out, safe options are getting even harder to find.  Lytle Creek is nice because you don’t have to hike far to enjoy nice clear water coming down from the mountain. 

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