Visiting The FUNBOX LA Pop-up Selfie Museum 

Funbox La

The Funbox LA Pop-up selfie museum in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall is a colorful Instagram playground that any selfie-loving person can enjoy. Having visited similar pop-ups like the Ice Cream Museum and Happy Place in the past, we were excited to bring our little one to this limited-time location as well.

After our visit, we can happily say FUNBOX LA is a family-friendly pop-up where the kids can be more interactive and hands-on with some of the art installations. FUNBOX is well worth a visit if anyone in your family is addicted to Instagram.


Located near the mall’s food court FUNBOX LA has over 24 different art installations to enjoy. The maze-like layout has you moving through each location at your own pace. Our group got through the entire pop-up in about an hour, but you can stay as long as you want (BUT,

If you buy tickets for the latest part of the day you will only have 1 hour to finish) You just can’t backtrack into another room once you’ve moved forward.

Afterward, we walked out and grabbed some food and drinks at the food court. Kinda love that FUNBOX LA is in the mall. The location makes Funbox easy to find, provides plenty of parking and there are a ton of food options right when you exit. Win-win for everyone.

Our Experience

We purchased our tickets online for a Saturday morning visit with the idea we could get through the entire pop-up without having to wait in any lines. It worked. Our group of 10 had the pop-up pretty much ourselves and a few other smaller groups. Our almost 3-year-old daughter had a great time, and we moved at her pace. Of course, her favorites rooms were the more interactive timed rooms like the ball pit and the giant cereal bowl. But she also refused to leave the dance room where the floor would light up with each step. Her pure enjoyment and gigantic smile made the entire visit worth it for us.

FUNBOX isn’t as polished as other pop-ups we’ve visited in the past, but the cheaper ticket price is much better on the wallet! Trust me, your followers aren’t going to notice.

FUNBOX Details


400 s Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

(Located inside the Westfield Santa Anita mall near the food court)


Saturday = 9am-8pm

Sunday = 11am-8pm

Monday/Thursday = 11am-6pm

Friday = 11am-8pm


Adults (over 13) = $19

Kids (4-12) = $14

Little kiddos (0-3) = Free


Should be purchased in advance online here

You can buy tickets at the door, but they are subject to availability. (Not Recommended)

For more information visit the Website

Time expectation?

Should take you about an hour.

Should you visit Fun Box LA?

Do you love Instagram? Yes? You should go. FUNBOX is made for you.

Not into Instagram but looking for something to do with your kids? Yes, bring your camera and have a good time taking some pictures to frame on your wall. There are plenty of staff members eager to take the pictures for you! You’ll appreciate the memories every time to walk past the pictures. These kids are growing up fast, so take all the picture you can!

Hate social media and anyone that takes a selfie? Stay away. Very far away. Maybe as far back as the hotdog on stick restaurant in the food court where you can keep all your judgment and misplaced resentment to yourself. Let everyone have there fun.

Thanks for reading through

We appreciate the click and hope this post on FUNBOX LA helps in your decision making. If you have any questions, please comment below. We’ll try to get you an answer or point you in a direction to get you the information you’re looking for.

We’re doing a ton of toddler-friendly stuff nowadays. So keep coming back if you’re looking for fun things to do with your little ones around the Southern California area.

In the meantime bring your kids to OCME in Costa Mesa. What kid doesn’t like riding tiny model trains?!?

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