Portugal Travel Video: Lisbon, Sintra, Guimaraes, Braga & Porto

You’ve got to move Portugal higher on your list of countries to visit.  We spent about 10days traveling the country, and it felt like we didn’t even scratch the surface of what Portugal has to offer.  As a result, our travel video flies through the famous landmarks of Lisbon, Sintra, Guimaraes, Braga & Porto. Other then the summer heatwave we loved it there. Hopefully, you can see that in this Portugal Travel Video.

Breaking down our Portugal Travel Video

More than a couple of our readers mentioned how much they appreciated the breakdown I wrote up in our Vietnam travel video post, So I’ll be sure to add this section to all of them going forward. Below are the time-stamped parts from the 3:25 long Portugal Travel Video.  If that doesn’t jump-start your google searches, please feel free to contact us with any questions! Or check out our extremely detailed travel itinerary from the trip.

Lisbon (0:00-0:59)

Everywhere you turn in Lisbon you’ll be looking at something full of beauty and rich history.  Being able to choose between places like Mosteiro De Sao Vicente De Fora, Castelo De St. Jorge, and Terreiro do Paco, you’ll never run out of things to experience.  In fact, we were in the city for three days and only explored a small portion of the city.

Sintra (1:00-1:36)

Sintra is a great day trip out of Lisbon.  The colorful city has plenty to offer. Enough that you might want to consider spending a night there.  From Quinta Da Regaleira to Pena Palace wherever you look, it’s beautiful. In addition to the city, you can take a 45min bus ride to visit the Praia da Ursa beach.  If you’re adventurous, it’s worth it. Praia is one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever been too. However, you’ll have to hike down a pretty steep mountainside to get to it so beware and plan accordingly.

Guimaraes (1:37-1:47 & 2:00-2:12)

From our place in Braga, we spent half a day visiting Guimaraes.  The city hasn’t changed much since medieval times, and I’m not talking about dinner and a show in Buena Park. I’m talking about the 1700s.  Just walking around the city makes you feel like you’re walking through the past. Specifically, the big attractions like the Guimaraes Castle and the adjacent Paco dos Duques de Braganca feel like they can be dropped right into a Game of Thrones spinoff.  Very cool, if you’re into that time in history.

Braga (1:48-1:59 & 2:12-2:25)

I’m surprised we even made it out as much as we did in Braga.  The entire country was suffering from a historic heatwave during our visit, and it forced us to hide inside.  The heat brought our itinerary to a stop, but Thankfully, we still managed to make it out to Mosteiro de Sao Martinho de Tibaes, and Bom Jesus do Monte.

Porto (2:35-3:22)

Porto is one of the most picturesque cities we’ve ever seen.  The view from the bridge above Cais da Ribeira is a top-three spot for sure.  In fact, I would have flown my Mavic there for hours if the seagulls weren’t deadset on killing the drone the second it took off. Don’t even get me started on the food! All of our meals in Porto we’re memorable. 

Filming Portugal

All the sites made filming in Portugal very easy. It’s hard to mess up when you stay in cities like Lisbon and Porto.  As you can see from the video, I was able to fly my Mavic in and around the city as long as I followed the countries safety guidelines.

Shooting on our trusty Nikon D810 and D750 full frames we threw those on our Moza three-axis gimbal or a simple pistol grip strap combination.

Interested in what camera gear we use?

If you were ever thinking about getting into Travel Videography we keep an updated page of all our current Travel gear & Essentials. The page contains everything we love to use on our travels.

Video Details

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Our experience in Portugal

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Above all, we can’t stress how much we loved Portugal.  Beautiful sites and fantastic food, our entire group had a great trip.  After spending more than a week in the country, we aren’t sure why Portugal isn’t a more popular destination.  You have to see it and experience Portugal for yourself. It’s amazing.

Thanks For Watching

Hope you enjoyed our Portugal Travel Video. If you did, check out a few of our others we have below.  While we only have 5 videos currently on the califoreigners website we’ve made almost 20 travel videos to date!

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Ahh, Portugal is on my dream list of places to visit once I finish grad school. Thanks for all the wanderlust!

Definitely go, It blew us away. It’s our favorite country in Europe so far.

Portugal is so beautiful. I believe I can trace my family back to Portugal so I’m dream of traveling there.

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