Toffer’s been featured on the Letterfolk blog

Toffer letterfolk blog featured

A few times now our family has been featured on different blogs or websites.  From our engagement to our wedding, all of these features can be attributed to our friend and photographer Mimi Nguyen.  We really can’t thank her enough.  Mimi is a talent.  Check out her site to see more of her work.

Toffer’s a hit on Instagram

A few weeks ago Mimi did it again with a picture of Toffer in our maternity shoot last year.  As I write this, the photo has combined (from multiple posts) to a little under 10,000 likes on Instagram.  Which makes Toffer the most popular Califoreigner by far!  Here’s the photo I’m talking about.

In the photo, we used an old fashion word board by Letterfolk. Mimi captured a photo of Toffer asking if he was still going to be the baby in the family once Kairi was born. Toffer’s expressive eyes really sell the photo and we love it.

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We weren’t the only ones to love the photo

Once Mimi posted it to her Instagram it quickly became one of her most liked photos.  The picture ended up catching the eyes of Letterfolk who shared the photo on their company Instagram.  Once Toffer’s photo was on their blog, it tugged on the hearts of all the dog owners in similar situations.  It was fun to read all the kind words and comments about people wanting to involve their dogs in similar announcements.  

Letterfolk wanted to share Toffer’s story

That’s when Letterfolk asked if we would like to be featured on their blog.  We said yes and answered a few questions to give more background about the photo and our family.  They posted the photo and article on Wednesday, and it’s been a real joy for us to see.

You can read the post on their blog with this link.

The photos Letterfolk choose to use of Kairi and Toffer are hilarious because Toffer is not a fan of wearing props!

Toffer Featured with Kairi

You never know

It really goes to show that you never know what will be popular once it’s online.  This same photo shown to friends and family just had them laughing at Toffer’s expression and how tight my shorts fit.  Haha.

Both trang and I love that people outside of our bubble got to learn more about our Toff-ball.  He’s been such a big part of our lives the past 11 years and it’s tough to imagine a life without this amazing companion.

My favorite photo of Toffer
My favorite photo of Toffer back from Christmas of 2009. He did not like that Snuggie.


Your photos are amazing and your friend is so talented. I can see why they’re so popular.

Thanks! Yeah Mimi is amazing. It’s great to have a friend as talented as her 🙂

That photo is so cute! No wonder they wanted to use it.

Your photos are so neat and your friend is definitely talented! Congratulations on being featured. That really is a big step!

Mimi’s 3 for 3 on getting us featured. Super talented 🙂

That’s so awesome that they found you and did a feature! I love the photo!! 🙂

Yeah it was really cool when letterfolk reached out about the feature. Trang was happy because she loves their boards.

Your photos are so cute!! Your friend has talent and with a pup as cute as Toffer I can see why the pics are so popular.

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