Funbox La

Visiting The FUNBOX LA Pop-up Selfie Museum 

The FUNBOX LA Pop-up selfie museum in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall is a colorful Instagram playground that any selfie-loving person can enjoy. FUNBOX LA is a family-friendly pop-up and well worth a visit if anyone...

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4 Day Chicago Itinerary

4 Day Chicago Itinerary

Our tour through Chicago was an exciting addition to seeing our family.  We saw the sites, had some amazing food, and were able to find a handful of family friendly things to do around the...

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flying with a 4 month old

Our First Time Flying With A 4 Month Old

Just the thought of flying with a 4 month old baby can make any new parent stress. I know we stressed plenty about Kairi's first flight, and that's why we decided to get it out...

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