Our Travel Camera Gear & Travel Essentials

Almost all the questions we get from our visitors is about our travel camera gear.  From “What kind of camera we use?” to, “Where can I  buy that?”  As a result, we decided to create this page to show all our current travel essentials with links to where you can buy them.

Honestly, the dream was to review every one of these products and explain the good, bad and the ugly about them.  Unfortunately, our daughter has other ideas on how we should be spending our time!

What I can say is that we’ve posted these specific pieces for a reason.  They work great for how we like to shoot and travel.  As videographers, we have to rely on a lot more secondary gear for stabilization, etc.  If you’re strictly a photographer, you don’t need half of our suggestions.  Please consider that as you look through our recommendations.

As time opens up, we’ll be sure to write up some reviews for our most essential travel pieces.  In the meantime, we hope this helps.  Shoot us a message if you might have additional questions.

*Also please beware that we don’t bring every single item listed on every trip.  We mixed and match gear to best suit our travel restrictions.

Videography Gear

All the videography gear we use to create our travel videos

Nikon D810 – $2796.95

Main DSLR Camera

Nikon D750 – $1296.95

2nd DSLR Camera

Nikkor 24mm 1.4 – $1996.95

Wide Prime

Nikkor 105mm 2.8 – $821.95

Tight Prime

Nikon 50mm 1.4 – $334.00

Medium Prime

DJI Mavic Pro – $889.00

Drone Camera

Insta360 One – $225.00

360 Camera

MOZA Air Gimbal – $449.00

Camera Stabilizer

GoPro Hero 5 Black – $229.00

Underwater Camera

DJI OSMO – $299.00 Our Review

On the go Stabilization

MeFoto Tripod – $147.00

Great Travel Tripod

DJI OSMO Tripod – $55.00

Mimi Tripod

Zacuto Z-finder – $290.00

Pistol Grip

SanDisk 64GB – $22.30

SD Card 64GB
Micro SD Card
Drone ND Filters
Compact Camera Slider


All the noncamera equipment we use on our travels

Universal Travel Adapter

WD External HD – $175.00

External Hard Drive
Video Editing Laptop

Travel Gear

The packs we rely on to keep our stuff safe.

Travel Camera Bag
Everyday Camera Bag
Carry on Luggage
Super light backpack
Travel Computer Bag

Travel Accessories

The most useful miscellaneous travel products we travel with

TSA Approved locks

Total Pillow – $14.99

Travel Pillow

Baby Travel Gear

It’s all painful to bring, but this is what we use. haha

Small Stroller
Stroller Travel Bag
Car Seat Backpack


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