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*Fall 2019 Update*

Happy Place might be gone but another Insta Popup is currently in LA called FunBox.  Check out our post on it! http://www.califoreigners.com/funbox-la/   

We had a blast visiting Happy Place at LA Live in Los Angeles. We opted to go on a Wednesday at 10:30 am to avoid the crowds, and it worked. This pop-up is excellent for more than just people addicted to Instagram. We brought our 20-month-old daughter, and she loved it!

The pop-up has over 18 different installations that are perfect for photos.

Our favorites were the flower room. Duck bathtub, and an upside-down room.

Kairi was squealing with excitement over the dancing room and Chain Room.

Open Until (May 27th)

Happy Place is open for one more week, and we highly recommend a visit before it’s gone. You may still be able to get tickets at https://www.happyplace.me/

Don’t Have A Camera?

No Problem! Upon arrival, your group gets fitted with a bar-coded wristband and it’s surprisingly useful.   Photographers spread throughout the pop-up can scan it, and any photos taken of your group can be downloaded off their website afterward.  So in a sense, you don’t even need to know how to use a camera to enjoy this photo playground!  How cool is that?!?


Parking is located directly under the Happy Place pop-up, and it’s $10 for two hours which isn’t bad for the middle of LA.


Happy Place Is Coming To Chicago

We loved our time inside Happy Place. Thoroughly recommend it for anybody interested in going. After May 27th, Happy Place will be packing up and heading to Chicago for the Summer of 2018.  If you’re in the Chicagoland area, be sure to check it out!  Happy Place is a great event to experience with your friends and family.

Tickets aren’t available for Chicago yet but if you are interested in attending you can sign up to get more info HERE once it’s available.

If you’re looking for more great things to do in Chicago during your visit check out our 4 Day Chicago Itinerary.  It’s family friendly and full for great food.

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Wow! I would love to visit that one day. I’m hoping it’ll come to a location close to me. The photo ops look amazing!

Hopefully, it will. It jumps around a lot, so their’s always a chance 🙂

heheh what a cool concept. I dont know if your familiar with Meow Wolf, but it seems similar!

I’ve heard about it. Looks crazy. Would love to check out the Vegas version.

So cool and I’m glad it’s coming to Chicago soon! That’s much closer to me and it’s tempting to go.

We loved Chicago. The food is so freaking good! Adding Happy Place to a day trip into the city would be fun 🙂

This place looks like so much fun! While there seems to be many photo ops, it just seems interesting overall.

Caught us off guard as well. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did 🙂

Love the idea of the wristband and photographers. What a cool place. I never heard of Visiting Happy Place, but it looks like loads of fun.

Yeah the wristbands were great. Got into quite a few fun conversations with the photographers 🙂

How fun is this?! I’ll definitely have to check it out when it comes to Chicago!

Hope you can make it out there once it’s open 🙂

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