World’s Longest Pizza 2017

world's longest pizza 2017 fontana

On June 10th, we visited the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana to watch the break the record for the world’s longest pizza.  Master pizza makers from all around the world were flown in to make this new record possible.  In the end, the pizza measured out to be 6,333.30 feet long.  Beating the old record by 251 feet and getting certified by the Guinness book of world records as the world’s longest pizza.

How did they do it?

It was quite the operation to accomplish this feat.  The pizza makers had built the world’s longest pizza oven and it moved at about 17 feet per minute over a track that was well over a mile long.  The rules state that the pizza had to be continuous and once the oven was started it could not be stopped.  Once underway, the pizza took about 8 hours to complete.

Hundreds of volunteers help form a moving production line just in front of the pizza oven.  Using more than 17,200 pounds of ingredients to create the mile long pie.

How we heard about it

world's longest pizza fontana

We first heard about this event a few weeks ago.  It popped up on the local events section on our Facebook page.  It seemed interesting, and it was nearby.  Since we’ve never been to the speedway, we thought it would be a fun way to kill two birds with one stone.

Our experience seeing the World’s Longest Pizza

We were in awe as we rolled up to the Auto Club Speedway.  The bleachers were massive.  After parking, we headed towards the entrance where we saw a stage, some food vendors, and a picnic area.  As we tried to continue inside, we were stopped by a line of yellow tape.  Confused, we asked around.  A volunteer told us that we were at the finish line, and it was the only area visitors could view the pizza.  

We couldn’t even see it.  Guess it made sense, but strange because we couldn’t see anything from that vantage point.

world's longest pizza fontana

Where’s the pizza?

We stuck around for a bit, but there wasn’t much going on. There were just some live music and a couple hundred people all asking, “What’s happening?”  After about 15 minutes we decided to leave.  It wasn’t until we headed back to the car that we could see a big crowd around the pizza track from a distance.  

Interested, we headed towards them and was able to get relatively close.  Close enough to see the production line of them laying out the dough, dumping the sauce and sprinkling the cheese right before the oven moved through it.

Couldn’t see much

Even with two fences between us, the event got a little more interesting.  That was until security began shoving us away.  It’s odd that they would throw an event like this but not allow the invited public to watch or even feel like they are part of the occasion.  

There were two distinctly different experiences to the event.  The people involved like the volunteers, pizza makers and the press looked like they were having a great time.  The rest of us were all held back at a distance.  Some people in the crowd even resorted to asking the security guards if they could take their phones and take photos of the pizza for them.

We decided to stay and found a nice shaded spot by the gate to watch them bake the final 200 feet.  At the end of the massive pizza oven, the press had lined up to capture the final moments.  You could feel the excitement of the pizza makers and volunteers.  

When they finally reached the end, they let out a big cheer and celebrated by throwing cheese in the air.  We caught a glimpse of the Guinness Books member surveying the final section of the pizza, and that was about it.  

They did it!

world's longest pizza fontana

As we were heading out, we heard the Guinness Book official announce the world record to the cheering crowd.  We were excited for them.  In our opinion, the event was a success.  We just wish they would have communicated better to the public.  The two hours that we were there, they never gave us any updates or progress announcements.  We wouldn’t have seen the pizza at all if we didn’t happen to see it on our way out.

It was an impressive feat

world's longest pizza fontana

You may be wondering what happened to all the pizza. All product and proceeds went to food banks and homeless shelters around the area.  We’re happy to know that so many people in need were going to be eating well that night.

Even though the event was a little disorganized the record-breaking pizza was quite the accomplishment.  We’re glad we stayed long enough to see the pizza oven in action.  Trang and I interested in going to similar local events in the southern California region.  If we

This event also got Trang and I interested in going to similar local events in the Southern California area.  If we do, we’ll be sure to post them here on the blog.  Thanks for reading!

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